The Natural Foodie

  • A gourmet gift set designed for the foodie that seeks delicious and wholesome food items. Packed with delicacies from Greece, Australia and the US, send this wonderful gift set as the perfect housewarming or welcome gift.

    This gift set will come in Yours Truly's signature gift box.
  • Cretan Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Uses the finest natural farming in Crete that maintains the most distinctive flavor ingredients to offer a genuine gastronomic experience. Traditional methods are used without chemicals and fertilizers.

    Balsamic Vinegar: A delicious barrel aged balsamic vinegar with traditional grape juice syrup, made from Cretan grapes.

    Organic Edamame Mung Bean Fettuccine: A special blend of flavors and cultures, this unbelievable fettuccine is rich in fibre, iron and folate.

    Himalayan Pink Salt: A premium pink Himalayan rock salt revitalizes the body with 84 minerals and trace elements for a healthier choice of seasoning.

    Beetroot Paté: Natural beetroot spread with extra virgin olive oil, this paté is rich in color and taste, it will brighten up any plate.

    Exotic Rice Toast, Purple Rice & Black Sesame: Firm with an exquisitely satisfying crunch, blended with varieties of Asian rice results in a natural, nutritious, gluten-free crispy delight.

    Banksia Scent Pot + Eucalyptus Oil: Banksia Grandis seed pods are Australian handmade and eco-friendly, collected under the strictest conditions by State Forestry licensed pickers. Eucalyptus oil used to infuse the seed pots is distilled in traditional ways by third generation Australian farmers and is the oldest Eucalyptus distillery.
  • FeleaGoods exports and offers authentic, high-end packaged Cretan and Greek food products that consist of traditional ingredients of high nutritional value.

    Explore Cuisine products are vegan, organic, gluten-free, and kosher, and offers a delicious, healthy, and satisfying alternative to regular pasta.

    Hare’s No.157 Pantry offers various premium condiments range from Australia.

    Amvrosia Gourmet offers a wide range of traditional Greek gourmet products that completes an authentic Mediterranean experience.

    Edward & Sons is a leading innovator in natural, organic, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free foods.

    Banksia Gifts Australia produces functional, unique and handmade gifts using Banksia Seed Pod.

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