Fitness Addict

  • Specifically designed for the fitness junkie – equipped with portable gears to spice up his/her regular workout routine as well as having the flexibility to work out without having to find the nearest gym. Bundled with a fun mix of natural goodies for refueling and muscle-building, this set is a thoughtful gift for any fitness enthusiasts, for any occasion.

    This gift set will come in Yours Truly's signature gift box.
  • Core Sliders: These compact gliding sliders engages all parts of the core, complements any strength or core workout, and works on hardwood and carpet floors.

    Original Xertube: Versatile workout tool for total body conditioning and isolate target muscle groups through full range of motion.

    Classic Protein (Chocolate): Uses raw whole-grain brown rice to create a gentle and great tasting protein that contains all the essential amino acids the body craves, a perfect fit for anyone and any lifestyle.

    Wholegrain Brown Rice Crackers: Lightly steamed and oven baked to golden perfection to create a delicious all natural savory rice cracker.

    Jumbo Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are an incredibly nutritious superfood with a rich nutty taste that works well in all recipes.

    Exotic Rice Toast, Purple Rice & Black Sesame: Firm with an exquisitely satisfying crunch, blended with varieties of Asian rice results in a natural, nutritious, gluten-free crispy delight.

    Quinoa Chips, Sun-Dried Tomato & Roasted Garlic : A crunchy and crispy snack made from quinoa flour, flavored with mild spices.
  • URBNfit provides high quality exercise products to the fitness community by utilizing the best equipment and exercise routines available.

    SPRI designs and produces innovative rubber resistance exercise products and has led the way in popularizing rubberized resistance workouts.

    Sunwarrior is a leader in raw vegan protein, superfoods, vitamins, & supplements. Empowering and inspiring others with the most cutting edge health information.

    Eat Rite produces baked rice crackers made in Japan from the finest ingredients, and use only natural whole foods, no preservatives.

    Organic Tradition provides certified organic, non GMO, nutrient dense superfoods, and other plant-based products from around the globe to inspire wellness and vitality.

    Edward & Sons is a leading innovator in natural, organic, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free foods.

    Eat Real creates enjoyable healthy snacks made from real, natural ingredients with no added artificial flavorings, colorings and preservatives.

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