Superfood New Year

  • Be prepared for a rush of new inspirations heading into the New Year with this gift set thoughtfully curated with unique superfood items. Shoot for a healthy New Year to be the best one yet.

    This gift set will come in Yours Truly's signature gift box.
  • Beetroot Paté: Natural beetroot spread with extra virgin olive oil, this paté is rich in color and taste, it will brighten up any plate.

    Wholegrain Brown Rice Crackers: Oven baked to golden perfection to create a delicious all-natural savory rice cracker.

    Biodynamic Soup Mix: The best biodynamic produce from the Wimmera, including lentils, pearl barley, farro, split lentils, and peas, packed with protein and dietary fibre.

    Jumbo Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are an incredibly nutritious superfood with a rich nutty taste that works well in all recipes.

    Australian Pistachios: Delicious pistachio nuts are excellent snacks, packed with essential nutrients and a great way to maintain a healthy heart and blood vessels.

    Mushroom Coffee: Half the caffeine, double the effects, with less acidity than regular coffee and provides strong support for the adrenal glands and the immune system.

    Organic Golden Turmeric Tea: A restorative tea blend made with the highest quality turmeric root from Sri Lanka blended with vibrant Ginger and Lemongrass aromas.
  • Amvrosia Gourmet offers a wide range of traditional Greek gourmet products that completes an authentic Mediterranean experience.

    Eat Rite produces baked rice crackers made in Japan from the finest ingredients, and uses only natural whole foods, no preservatives.

    Mount Zero & Olives is a family owned olive grove in Australia committed to flavor, sustainable farming and a passion for quality ingredients for all their products.

    Organic Traditions provides certified organic, non GMO, nutrient dense superfoods, and other plant-based products from around the globe to inspire wellness and vitality.

    JC's Quality Food is an Australian brand that offers the best and freshest of nut mixes

    Four Sigmatic helps people eat more scientifically studied superfoods, like mushrooms, by incorporating them into drinks.

    Wunder Workshop is a functional food brand making organic turmeric based products, by incorporating turmeric to everyone’s daily diet to enrich bodies and prevent disease.

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